What To Expect

During your initial visit from a highly qualified physical therapist, your therapist will listen to you discuss your problem and then perform a thorough examination to assess your injury, analyze your movement, and identify any underlying inefficiencies. An accurate diagnosis and treatment plan will then be provided during this initial visit.  


One-on-One Care

At Athletic Edge we value your time and your health, which is why you will never be asked to share your appointment time with someone else. You will only be seen by a licensed physical therapist and never handed off to an aide, assistant or technician. Each session is 60 minutes of one-on-one, hands on care, to allow for faster results in a shorter amount of time.



No Hidden Fees

We choose quality over quantity. As compared to traditional physical therapy, your care will not be influenced by the insurance companies.  Pay upfront for services, at the time of service.


Athlete Centered Care 

When it comes to choosing the right physical therapist, experience and training is everything. At Athletic Edge you will receive athlete centered care from a board certified sports physical therapist, allowing for a speedy return to the activities that you love.